DJ Fitz

Tito’s Groove (Funk Yugo Jamz)

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This is a Mixtape dedicated to the Funk/Disco and Synth jams from EX-Yugoslavia between the Mid 70s and Mid 80s. Upon a Visit to Macedonia last year to Play at Cinedays Festival, I Discovered a Great Record Store in Skopje, (Peace to Tosho, the Owner), who introduced me to some of the Real Treasures of Former Yugoslavia.

Previously I had heard a few tracks here and there over the years on Compilations etc, but the records I got from Tosho were Epic. This is a Mix of some of those Jams.
Also, a Special Thanks to Grga and all the guys from the Zdravo Mladi Festival in Skopje , Happening June 10, 2017.

Enjoy the Sounds
DJ Fitz

1. Beograd – Beg / 1982
2. Du Du A – Znaš li devojku (Kaya) / 1983
3. Videosex – Videosex / 1984
4. KIM Band – Ljubi me brzo, žurim / 1981
5. Jakarta – San je jak / 1984
6. Kim i Silva – Novac Gospodar / 1984
7. Arian – Your love makes me a winner / 1981
8. Slađana Milošević – Imam sve / 1979
9. Šizike – Don’t Stop / 1984
10. Igor Savin i Orkestar Stanka Selaka – Alfa / 1979
11. Boban Petrović – Prepad / 1981
12. Denis & Denis – Ti i ja / 1984
13. Cannibal Fru Fru – By the Way / 1976

[рецензија] War for the Planet of the Apes
режија: Matt Reeves


Еден ден Andy Serkis (Gollum, King Kong) ќе биде номиниран за Оскар. Се надевам дека тоа ќе се случи токму за улогата на Цезар во ...

The Love Witch
режија: Anna Biller


Хоророт често бил начин да му се погледне на табуто во очи. Во ера кога политички некоректните потези се дочекуваат на нож, хорор филмовите стануваат ...