Fools Gold Revisited mixtape

Lepi Xhoni

A Musical “Flower”, for all the women of the world. A Lepi Xhoni’s Live, Raw & Dirty, DiskoPank & TiciTaci (with Vocals, always) Mixtape @ RadioBar [Skopje] recorded 1. 3. ’17

Skopje [103ka xhingle]
Bei The Fish – Maybe It’s time to find out that …
Computerjockeys – Talking All that …
Hot Chip – One Life Stand
Mount Sims – No Yellow Lines
Bomba 1 [103ka xhingle]
Caribou – Odessa
Abe Duque – Disco Lights
Prinzhorn Dance School – You Are The Space Invader [An Optimo (Espacio) Mix]
103ka Večna [103ka xhingle]
Hot Chip – Over & Over
Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk
Yacht – Summer Song
Fredi Michel – Marinero (diegors percapella)
Mount Sims – Restless
Chromeo – Needy Girl
Curses! – The Deep End (Holy Ghost Remix)
Bloc Party – Banquet (Phones disco edit)
Iskra Svetlina [103 xhingle]
Pánico – Transpiralo
Schocking Pinks – Us Against the City
Discodeine – Singular
Mock & Toof – Farewell to Wendo Besote
Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)
*New Order – Blue Monday
The Rapture – Get Myself In To It
Bomba 1 [103 xhingle]
Bill Callahan – America
*Nicolas Jarr – Mi Mujer
Black Leotard Front – Casual Friday
Seljaci [103ka xhingle]
Iskra Svetlina [103ka xhingle]

Bonus trax (that got forgotten during the set @RadioBar, but got edited in the final audiomix): honoured Oldies EuropePostPunkers & Some Serious Black NewSchool/Compton Artist, that earns his status of “a god’s gift to earth” as for his music, but also for his realistic “mirror of society” – lyrics and activism. Much Love & Deep respect to both “Fehlfahrben” & “Kendrick Lamar”.
Fehlfarben – Es Geht Voran
Kendrick Lamar – For Free (interlude)
[*] – trax that got into the mix by request of some highly influential people in the audience.
PS: If you have a pussy, that doesn’t make you a woman.